Brainery sessions are much like consultancy but at a non-consultancy rate. The number of participants is kept at a maximum of 8, so that the workshop leaders have enough time to respond to your specific use case.

If you’d like to attend a session, drop us an email at and we’ll keep you posted on dates & pricing details.

Business Model Design & Innovation

In this workshop, Christopher introduces the business model approach to design new and innovate existing businesses. Using a range of illustrations from different industries, this workshop will explain the strategic value of the business model canvas. Participants will explore and prototype business model using a design thinking and customer centric approach as a starting point for the creation of an innovative and competitive business model.

Christopher Kronenberg – business model design, business model innovation, design thinking

Tuesday 30.9 and Thursday 02.10 | 400€ p.p. (excl. tax), lunch included
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Social Web

Rolf will provide an overview on the most common social media platforms and the necessary expertise to put together your first social-web- and content-strategy. He will cover examples of great content marketing, social sharing tactics, how to start networking online and best ways to integrate all those activities in your normal workday. At the end of this workshop you will have the basic knowledge on how to digitally market your product/service/business/yourself online with limited resources.

Rolf Mistelbacher – digital marketing, content creation, blogging, online communication, social web

Thursday 23.10 | 400€ p.p. (excl. tax), lunch included
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Profiling and Selling Creativity

Niki‘s workshop on profiling and selling creativity is programmed two fold: one part is about clustering archetypes in a simple and hands on way not striving for academic proof but offering hands on implementation on a daily basis. The second part is about putting together a perfect presentation deck and delivering the talk of your live: Presentation software in different use. Printed deck vs supporting charts. Stage behaviour and talk dramaturgy.

Niki Ernst – profiling, selling creativity