sektor5 is a community of creatives and entrepreneurs.

sektor5 was elected Best Co-working Space for the second year in a row by the Central European Startup Awards. Its homegrown Incubator program 5starts was named Best Incubator Program 2016 and 5starts’ Program Lead Floor Drees was honored with the award Most Influential Woman by SAP.

Some of our current members:

GoSepp – Flexible payment for ecommerce
Footprint – Optimizing environmental footprint of Aid Organisations
GoElis – SaaS for amateur sports organisations
Yamzu – eSports competition platform
Hypest Hive – Performance Influencer Marketing
Folyo – Performance Advertising on cars
Vienna Würstelstand
ExtraSauber – Paid Live Video Consultation Platform
Tactile Studio
exit[live] by Exit Live Ltd.
Richard Kaim – AD & Graphics
Crafted Systems – Schöne Projekte mit feiner Technik
Linearis – Dashboarding, Forecasting, Analytics
Paul Stöllberger – data driven consultant
Trantor Ventures
Fresh van Root – digital consulting agency
Kelly Kaminski | Gripdesign
TestPlus – Smart Software Testing

… and alumni:

“Through sektor5 we found our team and we were able to finalize our product faster than we had hoped, which we’re very thankful for.”
Bernd Gruber ( Co-founder)

“When we started at sektor5 it was just us and our idea. At the time we moved our company to Berlin we had a product, a team, a network and a strategy. sektor5 played a vital role in that development.”
Arnim Wahls (firstbird Founder / CEO)

“We launched our product at sektor5. We’ve recruited our first 5 team members from the sektor5 network as well as our first big clients.”
Lukas Kinigadner (anyline Founder / CEO)

“sektor5 is the heart of the Austrian startup scene. It’s the best place to start your tech company, get feedback and learn from all the nice and smart people there. Although I’m currently living in the US, I’m always super excited to grab a coffee at ‘S5′ whenever I’m in town.”
Moritz Plassnig (Codeship Co-founder / CEO)

“sektor5 is the startup hub of Vienna. When you set out to change the world to the better you need all the unfair advantages and support you can possibly get. sektor5 is not only a physical location. It is a reality distortion field. I don’t know where we would be today without sektor5.”
Thomas Schranz (Blossom Co-founder / CEO)

Partner network

sektor5 members can work from betahaus Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona and Sofia for 5 days per month, free charge. And vice versa, betahaus members are welcome to work from sektor5 during their Vienna visit.